Hapé Camaru

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It has a great connection with the earth, and the ability to put the user into states of deep trance. It easily reaches the back of the throat, and can sometimes cause nausea or be purgative. Apart from having high properties of Physical purification, it also has great power in spiritual protection.At a physical level it is a great anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and decongestant, which is why it is widely used for problems of the upper respiratory tract.
It helps you to clear mental blocks, to bring you clarity and to be able to observe and manage the patterns and behaviors that do not serve us. It has a high connection with the sixth and seventh chakra and is ideal to work on creating a space conducive to abundance.

Origin: All our Rapé medicine is obtained directly from indigenous communities from the Amazon jungle, prepared with love, intentionally with the wisdom and prayers of their elders.

Community: Huni Kuin

Intensity: ll

Composition: Mapacho, Camaru tree ash

Rapé must be blown into both nostrils. Each nostril represents an energetic current of the body:

The left nostril: The channel of the Moon (receiver: Pingala or yin). It gives the power of emotions in its pure state, providing the qualities of deep joy, pure love, compassion and artistic abilities. This side is the feminine. The imbalances on this side are emotional attachment, depression, low self-esteem, guilt or laziness.

The right side: The channel of the Sun (emitter: Ida or yang). It would empower the rational mind, which allows learning and gaining the strength to overcome problems through effort. It is the masculine side. The imbalances of this channel are rigidity, arrogance, excessive strength and pride.”

  • Store the Rapé in a dry and dark place, protected from sunlight
  • The use of this product is suggested for people over 18 years of age.
  • There may be some tonal difference between the image and the actual product due to image processing and the color calibration of your monitor.

Disclaimer: This is a natural product, the description is given by those who make the mixtures. It should not be taken as a prescription but as a guide. The use and application of the same, are the responsibility and risk of the client.