Consciousness offer us countless ways to experience ourselves, our task is to transcend the limits set by the ego


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Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Integration Therapy

Couples Therapy

We know that initiating a psychotherapeutic process is often difficult, that is why Atma Vedanā offers an accompaniment to deep processes of introspection and care where the diary’s problems are explored, taking into account the spiritual and transcendent aspects of his human experience. We have a transpersonal vision for what is for us the key to working with the family tree and other tools of transpersonal psychology.




Lina María González


Transpersonal & Ayurvedic Psychologist

  • Psychologist with a focus on transpersonal psychology and Ayurveda
  • Traveler interested in ancestral and alternative medicines.
  • Certified Yoga Teacher from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, India (TTC 900HR)
  • Student  of Ayurveda medicine at the California College of Ayurveda.
  • Moon Mother (certified by Miranda Gray) with six years of experience leading women’s circles and meditation spaces in various countries.

Recognition of the spiritual being

The transpersonal vision proposes the work of consciousness, through the recognition of the ego to reach the consciousness of the observer.

Development of the witness or observer

Evolutionary vision of Being

From transpersonal psychology we deliver tools that help to continue on the path of awakening and consciousness

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Integration Therapy

Ancestral medicines offer a path of connection and expansion of the Self

This consultation aims to accompany the process of understanding and integration after an experience with ancestral medicines (Yagé or Ayahuasca, Bufo, Mushrooms, Rapé, Kambó).

Understand the meaning and purpose of the experience

The ancestral medicines reveal aspects of the unconscious and the subconscious that are vital to understand the work that the individual process requires.

Integrate it into your process

After receiving the medicine, observe, understand and integrate, allowing this experience to take its place in your process.

Receive tools and guidance to continue your journey

As part of transpersonal psychology, we give you tools that help to continue on the path of awakening and consciousnes.

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Couples Therapy


Couples therapy offers the possibility to connect with your partner from a more conscious way.

Begin to see each other's perspectives

The perspective of conscious love allows us to understand, care for and integrate the individuals involved in the bond. Understanding the world of the other is vital to heal and integrate the processes that the relationship lives.

Gain a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamic

Understanding the patterns that the relationship manages helps to understand what should be changed or left in order to move towards a more present, conscious and loving relationship.

Create a safe space for you and your partner

Many times it is not possible to create a safe space to dialogue, because the people in the relationship feel hurt and the communication has turned to an egoic communication. The therapeutic space is created to facilitate and guide the dialogue.

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Lina has been very attentive when listening to me, and everything she has told me has been very constructive for my life, in just two sessions. After working with various psychologists, with her I feel very optimistic to move forward in my current situation. The extra session resources have also been a huge plus. I also recommend her because the therapy space is very welcoming.


The perspective of conscious love was the turning point for our relationship. We have changed a lot of agreements, or better we have made them now. It has served its purpose

John & Grace

Her approach is great, it leads you to challenge and question yourself, it fills you with tools, highly recommended.


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Our Workshops

Conscious love: Recognition, connection and encounter

Loving consciously implies introspection work for each individual. In this workshop you will learn the difference between conscious love and romantic love. And how through the development of the path of consciousness you can understand, recognize and heal in the path of the conscious couple.

Duration: 8 hours

Yoga & Ayurveda: Evolutionary Consciousness

India gives us these two ancient sciences and with them the possibility of understanding our internal contents in a comprehensive way. In this workshop you will learn about the theory of the Pancha mahabhutas, the doshas and the gunas. You will understand your doshic (elemental) composition to know how to function, develop and evolve in a balanced way.

Duration:  6 hours

Sacred Sexuality

Learn to recognize your sexual energetic polarity and from there connect with your power and divinity, and that of the other. This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to learn about how to use and develop their sexual energy. We explore themes of consciousness, energetic bodies and subtle connection techniques to awaken and mobilize your kundalini energy.

Duration: 6  hours

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