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Birth Injury

 Birth injury refers to an emotional or psychological wound experienced in the first years of life, particularly during early childhood. This wound originates in family experiences and dynamics and can leave a deep mark on the personality and the way a person relates to themselves and others.

Birth injury: Feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction.

The Enneatype 7 birth wound is based on the feeling of deprivation or restriction. From an early age, Enneatype 7s may have experienced situations or conditions that led them to feel that they did not have enough or that they were being denied something. This may have been caused by external limitations, restrictive expectations or lack of opportunities to fully explore and enjoy life.


Shadow (weaknesses)

En desequilibrio los Eneatipo 7 son  conocidos por su tendencia a evitar el dolor y el malestar emocional a través de la búsqueda constante de experiencias placenteras y emociones positivas. Pueden ser impulsivos, indulgentes y tener dificultades para comprometerse o enfrentar situaciones difíciles. Pueden evadir responsabilidades y sentirse insatisfechos fácilmente, saltando de una cosa a otra en busca de la siguiente emoción o estimulación.

Características del ego:  Adicto, Gloton, Immaduro,Hiperactivo e Impaciente

Idealiza: Busca constantemente nuevas experiencias y emociones positivas.

Desea: Anhela la libertad, la diversión y la alegría en la vida.

Evita: Evita el aburrimiento, la tristeza y las limitaciones.

Su mayor miedo: Temen perderse algo o quedarse atrapados en situaciones desagradables.

Mecanismo de defensa: Negación y evasión de los problemas emocionales o dolorosos.

Se resiste: Resistencia a comprometerse y enfrentar emociones difíciles.

 Autoimagen: Se ven a sí mismos como personas optimistas, espontáneas y llenas de energía.

Cómo manipula: Manipulan la realidad y buscan la gratificación inmediata para evitar el dolor o la incomodidad.

Trastorno de personalidad (cuando se esta muy desequilibrio): Déficit de atención con hiperactividad (TDAH).


Light (qualities)


In balance, Enneatype 7s are known for their ability to experience joy and pleasure in an authentic and genuine way. They are optimistic, enthusiastic and energetic people, able to find beauty and fun in the little things in life. They are open-minded and have a positive attitude towards the experiences and opportunities that come their way.

Essential Characteristics: Abundant, Grateful, Introspective and Sensitive.

Essential Quality: The essential quality of Enneatype 7 is joy. Enneatype 7s are known for their ability to experience joy in an authentic and contagious way. They have an innate ability to find beauty and enjoyment in life’s diverse experiences. Their positive energy and optimism drives them to actively seek fun, excitement and satisfaction in everything they do.
Life Learning: Learning to commit to and maintain focus on long-term goals. They can be prone to jumping from one thing to another without really delving into any of them. By learning to set boundaries and commit to a specific goal, they can cultivate a greater sense of accomplishment and lasting satisfaction.

Psychological challenge: How am I going to be happy if I stop making plans and allow myself to feel the emptiness and pain inside?

Creativity and Curiosity: Enneatype 7s in their light structure are creative and curious people. They have an open mind and enjoy exploring new ideas, perspectives and possibilities. They are able to see connections between different areas and find innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Enneatype 7s in their light structure are flexible and adapt easily to changes and new situations. They are able to adjust to different circumstances and take advantage of the opportunities presented to them. They are open-minded and willing to try new things.

Drive to Improve: Enneatype 7’s drive to improve also refers to their desire to overcome their own limitations and self-limiting beliefs. They seek ways to free themselves from any mental or emotional barriers that may restrict their growth and happiness. They are willing to face challenges and overcome obstacles to reach their full potential.




Why know your ego

Knowing the Enneatype 7 ego is a path to self-awareness and authenticity. It gives them the opportunity to understand the motivations and behavioral patterns that drive their constant search for pleasurable experiences and avoidance of pain or boredom. Through this awareness, Enneatype 7 can practice self-discipline and make more conscious decisions rather than being driven by instantaneous impulses.


 Enneatype 7


In the Enneagram, the “triad” refers to one of the fundamental aspects of the enneatype that are classified into three main groups. These clusters represent three centers of intelligence or predominant approaches to processing information and coping with the world. Each of these clusters is associated with three specific personality types.

Mental triad: Enneatype 7, also known as the Enthusiast or the Epicurean, belongs to the Thought or Mind triad. The Thought triad is characterized by a greater connection with the intellect and is motivated by the need to seek new experiences and avoid pain or discomfort.

Centering:  In this state of balance, the 7 to 5 enneatype develops a greater capacity for concentration and focus. They may take time to reflect and analyze situations more deeply. The 7 balanced to 5 enneatype may enjoy moments of solitude and intellectual exploration, seeking to understand the underlying connections and meanings in their life.

Decentering: Cueguir altos estándares y expectativas.


Enneatype 7


Lost message in childhood

The message lost in childhood for Enneatype 7 may be “You have enough and you are enough just the way you are. You don’t have to constantly seek new experiences to be happy.”


Enneatype 7 belongs to the mental triad, which includes enneatypes 5, 6 and 7. The enneatypes of this triad are more oriented towards thinking and anxiety management through mental processing.


The fixation of Enneatype 7 is planning. Sevens tend to plan and anticipate future exciting experiences and possibilities to avoid facing pain or limitation.


The passion of Enneatype 7 is gluttony. Sevens tend to constantly seek new and exciting experiences, avoiding pain and discomfort through the pursuit of pleasure and gratification.

En qué centra su atención

 7’s tend to focus their attention on future opportunities and possibilities. They are optimistic and enthusiastic people who constantly seek new experiences and avoid becoming stuck in monotony or limitation.

Principal motivation

Enneatype 7’s primary motivation is to seek satisfaction and avoid pain. They seek happiness and gratification through variety of experiences, and tend to avoid anything that might limit their freedom or joy.

Unconscious message received in childhood

The unconscious message that the 7 may have received in childhood is that the world is a limited place full of restrictions. They may have developed an attitude of avoiding pain and constantly seeking pleasure and fun to escape any feelings of deprivation.

EnNeatype 7


Enneatype 7 may have wings that refer to adjacent numbers on the enneatype circle, i.e., enneatype 6 and enneatype 8. The wings are subtypes that influence the personality and behavior of the main enneatype, in this case, Enneatype 7.

Enneatype 7 wing with Enneatype 6 tendency:  

may exhibit more security and loyalty oriented traits. Sevens with a Six wing may be more cautious and focused on anticipating and dealing with potential challenges or dangers. They tend to be more collaborative and may seek the approval and support of others in their pursuit of exciting and stimulating experiences.

The wing of enneatype 7 with a tendency to enneatype 8: may exhibit more self-confidence oriented characteristics and a quest for power and control. Sevens with an Eight wing may be more assertive, energetic and focused on leading and achieving their goals and desires. They have a penchant for independence and may appear more dominant and self-assured.




Acciones conscientes


Understanding your enneatype is vital for your consciousness/spiritual development process, because it allows you to see and recognize what you are doing unconsciously in response to your woundedness. If you have reached this point it is because you want to generate a change and act from your consciousness and not from your ego, in other words from your love and not from your fear. Here are some suggested routes of conscious action for you to begin to generate a change.

Some conscious actions for Enneatype 7 may include practicing moderation and balance, learning to be present in the present moment, facing and processing difficult emotions, cultivating gratitude for what you have instead of constantly seeking new experiences, and setting boundaries to avoid energy dispersion.







Engage in regular meditation or mindfulness practices to cultivate awareness of the present moment and reduce the tendency to constantly seek future experiences.

Set realistic goals::

Instead of constantly chasing new and exciting opportunities, focus on setting realistic and achievable goals that are aligned with your values and priorities.

Accept discomfort:

Challenge yourself to accept discomfort and face difficult emotions or situations. Recognize that growth and learning often come from stepping out of your comfort zone.

Practice gratitude:

Cultivate a daily practice of gratitude to appreciate and find joy in the present moment and in the things you already have, rather than constantly looking for external sources of happiness.

Establish healthy boundaries:

Learn to set boundaries and prioritize self-care. Say “no” when necessary to avoid overcommitting yourself and maintain a healthy balance in your life.

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